Coalition on Inclusive Emergency Planning (CIEP)

If you have a disability or an access & functional need, you may need to take additional steps to prepare for emergencies.

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The Coalition on Inclusive Emergency Planning (CIEP) is a statewide disability advisory group that provides technical advice on physical and programmatic accesses and effective communication strategies.

How well you prepare and how much you practice before a disaster will determine how successful you can recover from any event. Prepare yourself based on the capabilities and limitations you believe you will have after the disaster. Also keep in mind that your usual ways of support and assistance such as interpreters and personal assistants may not be available for some time during an evacuation and after the disaster has occurred. It’s important for you to a have a personal disaster plan.

CIEP is a statewide, cross-disability, advisory group that works with state and local emergency management stakeholders to build disability accessibility and inclusion into all aspects of emergency management. The Coalition provides technical advice on physical and programmatic access, effective communication, and fosters working relationships among emergency managers. The members are local people with expert advice for inclusive access and functional needs practices and technical training in all aspects of the Americans with Disabilities Act.

Participation in CIEP is open to all organizations and individuals interested in fostering the vision on disability inclusion in emergency preparedness and response and recovery, by actively engaging in the work of the Coalition. CIEP is funded by a grant from the WA Department of Health Public Health Emergency Preparedness and Response.


Click here to read the following CIEP reports and documents

  1. CIEP After Action Report - 2020 Fire Season Recap
  2. CIEP After Action Report - 11-2-2020 Pierce County Outdoor Warning System Upgrade Test
  3. General Protocols for CIEP Stand Up Meetings
  4. CIEP-WASILC Impact Statement on 911 Outage


Browse the resources we have compiled below and contact us to be connected to your local Center for Independent Living in Washington State, so you can start working on your Emergency Preparedness Independent Living Goals.

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Questions about the Coalition?

If you have questions about the Coalition and its mission please contact Jim House, Disability Integration Manager.