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Take the Youth and Young Adult Transition Survey Now!

Apr 27, 2020
Three youth wear safety vests and smile in front of lake

Help us spread the word about our 2020 Youth & Young Adult Transition Survey, which launched March 2nd.

Take the Survey for Youth and Young Adults

If you are a youth or young adult, please take the WASILC Youth & Young Adult Transition Survey here: 

Take the Survey for Ally of Youth and Young Adults

If you are an ally of a youth or young adult (parent/guardian, educator, caregiver, service provider), please take the WASILC Youth & Young Adult Transition Survey for Allies here: 

We are seeking your support and collaboration in our efforts to hear the voices of youth and young adults with disabilities in every corner of Washington. Leveraging the vast network of allies and advocates in Washington State, we want to get a survey into the hands of every youth and young adult! 

With this survey we aim to:

  • Obtain county specific data for youth transitioning into post-secondary education and training
  • Identify barriers, untapped resources, and gaps in knowledge to improve transition outcomes
  • Produce a written report including survey results and recommendations to distribute to schools, service agencies, and other interested entities
  • Advocate and influence system policies in regard to identified need evaluated

Youth and Young Adult Committee Purpose

To provide youth and young adult voice to the Council, disability community, & stakeholders & to raise public awareness of youth independent living issues & the Independent Living Philosophy.