State Independent Living Council




Council Members





Council Staff

Keith James -
Chair, Advocate of Individuals with Disabilities


Kim Conner -
Executive Director

Sheila Turner -
Vice Chair, Parent/Guardian Representative


Jim House -
Disability Integration Manager

Davi Kallman - Secretary/Treasurer, General Public Representative


Nichole Kloepfer -
Executive Assistant

Alyssa Adwell -
Youth Representative


Jana Finkbonner -
VR Tribal Representative 


Kayla Victor -
Private Business Representative


Mark Leeper -
Center Directors Representative

Michael Richardson -
Advocate of Individuals with Disabilities


Ryan Nabors -
IL Center Representative


Rob Hines -
DVR Director (Ex - Officio)


Arlene Itou - 
DSB Assistant Director for HR and Operations (Ex - Officio)




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