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Applying for WASILC Membership

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The commitment, vision, skills and abilities of our council members are the basis of success for the Washington State Independent Living Council. If you possess the passion, skills and commitment, we look forward to hearing and learning about your interest. We encourage you to attend a quarterly meeting, to contact our staff, or arrange a meeting with a Council member.

Please communicate directly with WASILC staff rather than the Governor's office, if you need any support with the application process. Please contact us at 1-800-624-4105. After completing the application of the Governor’s website, email WASILC with your reason for applying. Good luck!

Frequently Asked Questions about WASILC Membership

Who serves on the council?

The WASILC has 11 Governor appointed Council Members.

Who decides who serve on the council?

WASILC reviews applications and makes recommendations to the Governor for appointment to the Council. The Governor appoints each Council member.

How long do members serve?

Members may serve two terms. Each term is three years. Second terms are not guaranteed. If a member is appointed to serve out the remainder of another person's term, he or she is still eligible to apply for two terms in his or her own right.

Membership requirements:

The WASILC must have at least one director of an Independent Living Center chosen by the directors of Independent Living Centers within the state. WASILC must have at least one representative of directors of any vocational rehabilitation services projects organized by Indian tribes on reservations in Washington and Rehabilitation Act funding.

Other council members should include another representative from an independent living center, parent and guardians for individuals with disabilities, advocates for people with disabilities, private business, service providers for individuals with disabilities, and other appropriate individuals. Ex-officio members are representative from state units of the Division of Vocational Rehabilitation, the Department of Services for the Blind, and other agencies providing services for individuals with disabilities.

How much time do Council members spend on Council activities each quarter?

Serving on the WASILC does involve some time commitment. Members meet in person for at least four quarterly meetings in January, April, July and October of each year. Meetings are held in various geographical locations throughout the state of Washington. Between Council meetings, members are expected to be a part of at least one WASILC subcommittee, such as the State Plan subcommittee. Members are expected to participate in monthly teleconference calls.

Are council members paid for their time?


Does the Council pay for the cost of Council-related travel and participation for its members?

The Council is obligated to follow all the laws, policies, and procedures established by the State of Washington regarding travel. The WASILC arranges and pays for airfare and lodging for travel related to Council business. Council members pay for fuel and food while in travel status, but are reimbursed for mileage and per diem based on State travel guidelines.




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